Top Health Benefits of Capsicum

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Chili was found in South America. It has been planting for 3 million years. However, it widely spread from South Africa. Chili is the plant of berry. Chili is used as spices.

Chili has different types. Capsicum is one of the types of chili. It is used to make vegetables. Chili also used as medicine. Capsicum is used to heal asthma and cancer.

Capsicum contains vitamin C, A and beta carotene. It does have calories. Chili does not increase cholesterol level.

Our free radicals in the body damage in several ways. Capsicum prevents you from heart attack, cataract, asthma and osteoporosis.

Capsicum is very helpful to reduce triglyceride level in the body. Fat does not increase in our body. Capsicum is also used in muscle and vein pain.

Capsicum contains vitamin C and A which helps us in inflammation of white blood cells (WBC). Our immune power increases due to it.

Capsicum is very useful in breathing disorder. Do not cook too much while preparing dish from capsicum.

You do not get effect of hot wind if you intake green chili in summer. You must have to intake green chili if you get scarcity of hemoglobin in your body.

Chili contains antioxidants which increases the immune power. When you have phode-phushi then you can apply green chili paste on it.

Chili also used when dog bites someone. If you have eye pain then you can apply red chili paste on your leg’s thumb.

You can intake red chili when you get snack bite. When you have throat infection then you can intake red chili chutney. If you have infection due to water then you can intake red chili chutney along with ghee.

If you get devil eye then take 5 dry red chilies and peel off from head to leg for 5-7 times in clock wise. After that keep chili on stove.

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