Religious Affiliation Related to Lord Shiva - Astro Upay

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Kundilini is one of power inside the body. It is also known as divine power. Kundilini is the power of universe. 

Religious Affiliation Related to Lord Shiva - Astro Upay

Lord Shiva
This kundilini power is on sleeping mode in the body. Kundilini power has satv, rajas and tamas properties. A person becomes lucky with these properties.

According to Shivapuran, there are three things are necessary. It is known as triveni. People who has triveni they cannot beat. They are vibhuti, Shiva’s name and Rudraksha. With the use of these one gets power, knowledge, intelligence and wealth.

According to Shivapuran, all three lines have 9 gods of tripund. There are total 27 gods of all lines of tripund. Apply bhaubut on sixteen, eight or fiver place of body. This Bhasma protect from many problems in life. Bhabhut close the pores of skin as it is finely.

It is extremely beneficial to apply tripund chanting Mahamrutanjay psalm on Sunday. Also, worship lord Shiva and pour water. Serve trees or plants. Feed poor people. You will make progress and get rid of enemies.

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