How to Cure Mangal planet Effect in Life - Astro Upay

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Diseases increase after marriage. Spouse gets anger on you. Spouse gets stress when he/she meet with love partner or spouse. Marital life is bad. One cannot get success in love relationship. One gets body pain but he/she cannot know the reason. 

How to Cure Mangal planet Effect in Life - Astro Upay

Mangal planet
One gets decrease in power of body. One gets blood pressure and anemia problem. A person suffers with an accident and injuries. A person get severe headache. A person’s food habits disturb. A person cannot maintain balance in daily routine. One gets habit of non-veg, alcohol and cigarette.

One should regret the sins of incarnation. One cannot get rid of muscles pain. One should serve trees or beast-birds or elders. A person should control on his anger. Husband-wife should pour milk in the root of banyan tree. It improves happiness in marital life. 

Also, do tilak with that wet mud. Keep honey in pottery and hide it in samshan. Keep water in any utensil and keep it near head while sleeping. Pour this water in plant in morning. It improves health. Serve cow, which has not singh. Avoid non-veg and alcohol.

Do not keep tandoor aur bhathi in home. Take blessings from widow. Mangal become auspicious. Avoid using red color stuff. If mangal is weak then offer water mixing sugar to Sun. Husband-wife donate batasha in temple on Tuesday. 

It increases happiness in marital life. Include spinach in your diet to get rid of muscles pain. One should maintain his/her character to strengthen mangal.

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