Horoscope Wise Check How Will be Your Relation With Son & Daughter-in-law

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Relation With Son & Daughter-in-law
Aries: Usually, son is obedient. However, there is no co-ordination with daughter-in-law. In this case, light mustard oil lamp on Saturday. Do not wear black color clothes.

Taurus: Your son would be stubborn. They do not follow your advice. However, daughter-in-law would be calm and sensible. In this case, you should worship lord Ganesha. You can keep many plants in the home.

Gemini: Your son would be playful and daughter-in-law would be furious. They both take care of their mother in law however, sometimes conflicts increases. In this case, you should light sandalwood incense stick in the home.

Cancer: They get happiness from son and daughter-in-law. However, they live separately from you due to career or other reasons. Sometimes, you might face issues with son. In this case, you should offer red flower to lord Hanuman on Tuesday.

Leo: Your son would be obedient or naughty. However, daughter-in-law would be obedient. In this case, offer water, mixing to turmeric, to Sun.

Virgo: They face problems with their son and daughter-in-law due to their nature. Son follows his wife’s advice and don’t care anybody. In this case, you should chant Shani psalm regularly.

Libra: Their son is obedient. However, the nature of daughter-in-law creates problem. In this case, you should regularly offer water to the Sun.

Scorpio: Their son and daughter-in-law are obedient. They both work together and have knowledge. Therefore, they don’t express their feelings. In this case, you should worship together once in a week.

Sagittarius: Their son is obedient but his speech would be harsh. The nature of daughter-in-law is mix. In this case, you should chant Sundarkand on every Tuesday and Saturday.

Capricorn: Their son is obedient but sometimes due to his mother’s nature keeps away. Your daughter-in-law might be naughty and use harsh speech. In this case, you should remain calm. Regularly chant Hanuman Chalisa.

Aquarius: Your relation with son and daughter-in-law would be good. Son is spiritual and he follows you. In this case, they have to concentrate on their marital life and blow shell every morning-evening.

Pisces: Their son would be obedient. But sometimes, he does mistake. Daughter-in-law would be intelligent and she tries to maintain relations. In this case, you should control on your arrogance. Also, keep fragrance flowers plant in the home.

Remedy: If you are facing debt then you should worship both the times. You should maintain piousness on Tuesday.

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