Astrology Upay to Remove Discord Between Family Members

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A person cannot make progress if discord remains in the home. Mind remains in fear, tension and trouble. Your talent won’t come out due to discord. Mars, Shani, Rahu and Ketu are responsible planets for discord. If Jupiter is not balance then it creates problem. Discord also occurs due to pitrudosha.

Astrology Upay to Remove Discord Between Family Members

kalah kalesh
One should do such remedy for pitrudosha to get rid of discord. Do such remedy for pitrudosha on pitru visarjani new moon day. Chant psalm on mauni new moon day, Holi, Diwali, akshaya trutiya. This will increase peace in the home.

Pitrudosha won’t affect if one serve leprosy people on Saturday. Pitrudosha won’t affect if one offer water on the name of pitru. One should do such remedy for long time to get rid of pitrudosha. Pitrudosha reduces peace in the home.

Peace increases prosperity and happiness in the home. The impact of Rahu-Shani increases diseases and failure. Family won’t get happiness due to discord. Keep the root of sarpgandh in white color threat on main entrance of the gate.

Discord won’t occur if one chants “Om Brum Bruhaspataye Namah”. Mix yogurt in bathing water. Discord doesn’t occur if cleanliness maintain in the home. Swetark and peeple tree is beneficial to remove discord. Take 5 almonds in home and remember your god. After that, keep this in iron box and hide it any place for 5 hours. Worshiping goddess Durga and offering bhog is beneficial in discord. Remembering favored god in the morning is beneficial to reduce discord. It increases advancement.

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