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One should avoid the love of body or girl. Husband-wife should change their behavior before six months of progeny. Sun, Moon, Shani and Mars play an important role for healthy child. Nowadays, child become weak and disease. Children don’t have patience and control on thoughts. 

Parent’s wrong conduct also affects child. Eat normal protein and carbohydrates rich food before six months of child planning. Avoid having too much rich food. Use desi ghee. Eat well between sunrise and sunset. Eat light food after sunrise and sunset. If the Sun is strong, the baby’s vitamin D and calcium will be good.

If Sun is strong then child is 40% strong. If Moon is strong then child is 60% strong. One should sit near fire. One gets more benefit if he/she sits near fire of yagna. Spouse should give five or eleven ahuti with psalm, which they chant. Health improves by sitting near the fire. Also, they get good child. If spouse cannot do yagna then they can sit in sunlight. Woman should sit in sunlight during sunrise for 10-15 minutes. Child become strong and does fantastic work. Oxygen level improves if blood circulation is good in the body. One should take walk in morning-evening.

Nowadays, children face cold, fever and breathing problem. Many things are genetic. One can take control over some problems. Do pranayama before 6 months of child planning. Learn recheck, kambhav and purak. This increases immune power of the child. Drink water in copper glass. Drink water in copper glass at least twice in a day. Avoid drinking refrigerator water.

Spouse gets strong mind child if they serve old woman. Child becomes fantastic if Sun and Moon are strong. Solve mathematical problems. This improves mathematics and child’s mind becomes strong. Spouse can do jirnodhar of kul devi-devata temple or arrange pyau (water tank) on their birth place.

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