Reason & Upay or Pitru Dosh - Astro Upay

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Pitrudosha creates many problems. Many times one cannot get balance in life due to pitrudosha. There would be conflict in family members due to pitrudosha. Pitrudosha decides on astrological matters. 

Reason & Upay or Pitru Dosh - Astro Upay

Pitra Dosh
The elders’ does struggle or they face health issues. A leader of the home may gets wealth, fame and prestige but it decreases after pitrudosha.

Family members cannot get progress even after hard work. The always does struggle. One has to work hard to get position and he has to work very hard to maintain the position. They have more enemies. They always face problems. They fall down against problems.

Talented people get progress after hard work due to pitrudosha. One cannot get marry due to pitrudosha. They cannot get success in marriage. Never take pitrudosha in normal way. Its effect is very dangerous. One cannot overcome from diseases. People spend money in diseases and litigation. People spend money to fulfill their basic needs but they cannot get benefit. Many people help their family members but they cannot get benefit.

Pitrudosha occurs due to Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu’s special condition. Their bad effects create problem. Many problems can be solved if Jupiter is good. However, problems increase when Jupiter is weak. The negative effect of Rahu and Jupiter on seventh house creates problem in marriage. If one get marry then he/she face problem in progeny or from in laws house.

On the above cases, daily donate urad daal and rotti to poor. Donate 11 black blankets to needy people. Chant “Om Gram Grim Grom Saha Guruvye Namah” with turmeric garland. Wear iron ring in middle finger on Saturday. This avoids wealth, family problems and marriage problems. One can also donate wheat instead of urad daal and rotti. One should serve leprosy people daily. They can serve them through wealth, medicine or in any form.

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