Stop Children From Doing These 5 Things

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Many times children like to sit alone. They cannot reply even after asking them. They cry when you ask them. Children speak little with their friends and gets irritation. Children talk over the phone at late night. In this case, parents should take care of their children. It affects their nervous system.

Stop Children From Doing These 5 Things

Stop Children
Remains Absent: Parents should talk politely with child. Talk with the children. Give water in silver glass to drink. Also, do massage on their leg and hand’s thumb. Cover child’s thumb with silver ring. Try to involve child in spiritual work. Try to laugh the children. Also, help them in their homework. Try to know their interest. When Rahu-Ketu is affected then this condition occurs. This situation is also occurs when there is bad effect of Shani. This is not good for children.

Rubbing Legs: These types of children are very lazy. They cannot live happy and moves toward sadness. They get pain in waist. Tell them to walk straight. After few months, child will start walking straight. Their personality improves. Avoid giving junk food them. Do not give sodium monojaiet food to children. Child walks slowly due to junk food. Sodium monojaiet works as a drug. Drink plenty of water. Also, drink juice and normal food. Feed spicy food of the home to children.

Eye Stolen: Many children cannot see in eyes while talking. Tell children to talk more. Feed linseed and 50 gm paneer to children before bed.

Many time children get stains on face. They get headache. Also, children’s weight increase or decrease. Children get pain in legs after playing sports or walking. In this case, do vitamin D and calcium test through doctor.

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