How to Celebrate Sharad Purnima?- Astro Upay

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Sarad purnima is beneficial for prosperity and health. The monsoon is completed on sarad purnima. Rain doesn’t come after it. Nowadays, climate changes due to disturbance in environment. Somchakra starts from sarad purnima. 

How to Celebrate Sharad Purnima?- Astro Upay

Sharad Purnima
Very few people know about somrash and somchakra. Somchakra strengthens the body and immunity. There would be special juice in plants and herbs. Many plants and herbs are planted on sarad purnima. Somrash occurs in a person during sarad purnima.

Some special plants and herbs reduce hunger. This makes body stronger. In ancient times, saint use special herbs before going on anusthan. In ancient times, saint increases immunity through somrash. This won’t create intoxication. This gives power to the body.

Taking bath in specific time after Moon rise is known as sarad purnima. Usually, people celebrate sarad purnima during a day. People leave in house or take sleep when sarad purnima starts. On sarad purnima Moon is in his maximum power. Moon has power to strengthen the one’s mind and body. One special type of juice runs in our arteries. There would be high production of juice in our body. This increases metabolism of our body.

Nabhi sadhana, surya sadhana, Chandra bhedi pranayama, Chandra kriya and surya kriya starts on sarad purnima. Many people take bath under moon light. There is special importance of milk, rice and silver on sarad purnima. Keep milk or water in moon light and start drinking it. Moon is hypothalamus of our mind. The good hypothalamus improves sensation power. One cannot easily get diseases and strengthens the cells. Keeping rice in moon light has special power. Silver is blood purifier. Keep kheer in silver bowl under moon light during sarad purnima. You can also keep rice and milk under moon light. Eat this rice and milk, which is beneficial for health.

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