Are you Worried About Your Children's Security?

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Parents always should talk with child’s school. They can also aware about school’s condition. Talk with children directly. A child might become victim of molestation. Let the children know about good touch and bad touch. Also, teach them to complain about bad touch. When child talk about misbehavior then take him in trust. Let the school know about the misbehavior.

Are you Worried About Your Children's Safety?

Children's safety
If child remains in negative environment then does one remedy for goddess Bagalamukhi and take one yantra. Cover this Bagalamukhi yantra in child’s throat or waist. Take support from proven seeker. Cover Bagalamukhi yantra in yellow color thread. You can also keep Bagalamukhi yantra in beg.

Mother can cover child’s throat with silver ball in silver chain or white color thread on Monday. If child is studying away from the home then do this remedy. Many children do not have self-confidence. Worshiping increase the confidence. Keep their favored god image in children’s pocket. This increase self-confidence. Prayer directly impacts on mind. A child can easily understand things.

Many times children cannot share anything due to threat. Parents may become strict or they do not have time. Children can cover throat or hand with yellow color thread. Keep Aaditya Hriday strot in child’s bag. Teach the children to go in toilet with someone. Prepare one thread from any seeker. Cover this thread in throat or waist. This works as protective shield. The stuff given by seeker of Durga Saptsati works as protective shield. Established supari or any thread on Navratri with 11 garlands and always keep it with child.

One should use positive protection remedy. Chant “Klim Krishnaya Namah” and make knot in white color thread. The thread should be from yarn. The thread should be seven times long of child. It is beneficial if parents make knots. Cover this thread in child’s throat. Take one handkerchief from child. Keep rice in it and make knot. Keep it in one polythene by pressing the stone and keep it at worship place. Take care. Talk with school administration.

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