Your Writing Style and Your Future Prediction

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Straight: Their nature is very hard. They does more struggle in life. They get happiness in second half of life (after the age of 35). They should maintain good speech and nature. Worship lord Shani to reduce struggle in life.

One side: Usually they are old fashioned. They get technical or law education. They earn good wealth and love show off. They should understand other’s feeling. Worship lord Sun to avoid conflicts in life.

Big: They cannot accept any belief. They always want to do something different. They face problems due to arrogance. They should always worship god. It is beneficial to worship lord Shiva.

Small: They are very lovable and romantic. They start from low position and get high position. They are very miser. They save money. They should make donation. Worship any form of god.

Without support: They are intelligent and hard working. They get success in administration and field of power. There are good chances of getting love or love marriage. They should remain alert for their aim. Regularly, worship lord Hanuman.

Unclear: Their life is difficult. They face ups-down in life. They are very lucky. No obstacles stop their way. They does many work together. They should does only one work at a time. Daily chant Gayatri psalm in morning.

Good Luck: Always keep your pen personal. Do not give it others as this reduces your luck.

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