How Laziness Destroy your Future & Astro Upay

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Sloth occurs when Moon is main planet or Moon impacts on lagan house. This also occurs when Jupiter or Venus impacts on lagan house. There is no relation of rest with obesity or thin. Sloth affects luck. Hard working person can get success in this time. Many people want to do hard work but Moon, Jupiter and Venus creates problem. One only discusses.

How Laziness Destroy your Future & Astro Upay

One cannot leave bed due to sloth when Shani creates sloth. Food is the main reason for laziness. The increase amount of carbohydrates in body creates laziness. Body becomes weak due to high amount of calorie in the body. This increases laziness. High fat, carbohydrates and protein increases laziness. Body remains active if there is 60% or more amount of water in the body. If the water amount if less then laziness increases. Daily drink 4 liters water in a day.

More food, improper diet increases fat and laziness. People who eat after sun set or late night they get laziness. Eat less food if you eat late night. Those who eat food after 2 PM they get laziness. Due to improper sleep laziness increases. Those who do not sleep between 11 PM and 3 AM, their body become weak. Laziness is one of the symptoms of weak body. One cannot have energy to do the work.

One should take proper sleep to avoid laziness. One gets pain and laziness if he sleeps near the air cooler. Laziness increases if one sleeps in AC for 6-7 hours. Therefore, keep 26-27 temperature while sleeping. Drink lukewarm during a day. This avoids laziness. This also dissolves fat in artery and nerves. It improves oxygen and blood circulation in the body. One remains fit and healthy. Also, heart works properly.

Boil the powder of root of Arjun in 1/5 cup of water. Filter it and drink it. This reduces extra and internal fat from the body. You will get energy. One should do anulom-vilom. Sleep straight in the bed and do it. Take deep breath and leave it through nose. Do not use your mouth. One gets energy if he does 5-6 times. Now, wake up and do Anulom-vilom. Do it for 5-10 minutes then 15 minutes. This balances ida and pingla veins. The balance impact of Sun and Moon reduces sloth from the body.

The intake of vitamin C reduces sloth. Drink lemon in lukewarm water once in a day. This gives agility. One can use green tea, lemon and orange to avoid sloth. Eat less or limited food during a day. Do not drink water while having meal. Do not drink water before and after of half an hour of meal. Lazy people should avoid rich food after sunset. Avoid food such as cold drink or stale food, which creates gas. One should eat more fruits and drink water. Laziness increases if one drink milk after meal. Therefore, drink milk before or after 3 hours of meal. The more consumption of sugar increase laziness.

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