Do You Eat Late at Night? - Astrology Tips for Late Eaters

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There should be 3 hours difference between meal and sleep at night. Do not sleep immediately after having meal. One faces health problems if he doesn’t maintain 3 hours difference between meal and sleep. The busy life style is the reason of delay in meal. 

Do You Eat Late at Night? - Astrology Tips for Late Eaters

Eat Late at Night
Those who eat late meal their Sun become weak. Weak Sun gives bad results. There would be bad impact on position, prestige, love, stomach and money. Food cannot digest properly. Sun directly relates with liver.

Sun relates with the synthesis of protein. Sun also relates with digestion and supply of vitamins in the body. Late dinner also has a bad effect on getting child. Late dinner creates depression, thyroid and weak bone problem. Acrimony increases due to late night food. Late night food negatively impact on marital life. There is also possibility of weak cells. This might create cancer.

When Sun in sea-line then you can eat food properly. You can also eat light food. Sun digest the food. Sun strengthens the digestive system. When Sun sets then live won’t work properly. Liver makes more fat after sunset. Many studies have shown that late night meal weaken the heart and mind.

To stay fit, take dinner till sunset. Dinner should be done within 48 minutes from sunset. The late dinner should drink water in a copper vessel. Drink at least 1 liter water from copper vessel. You can also use pure copper bottle. This strengthens the Sun and improves health.

Late night meal should reduce the amount of food. Eat light food. Do not eat fine flour. Do not eat high food. Have more fruit and salads in dinner. One should sleep after 3 hours of meal. Take walk after having dinner. Eat little food. Eat more fiber rich food. One should eat more fruits and salad. One should either eat food or drink milk. Do not eat or drink together. One should intake asafetida and celery. Mix little asafetida in two teaspoon water. Keep celery in mouth and suck it.

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