Do you Always Live under Fear? - Check This Astro Upay

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When Moon is affected by Ketu or Shani then fear increases. One gets depression through any incident. Few accidents create fear. Whose Moon is weak they get fear. Fear impacts so much that one cannot take decision.

Do you Always Live under Fear? - Check This Astro Upay

Always Live under Fear
Children who get fear from any accident they should chew ashwagandh. Giving food to dog reduce the fear. One can do special remedy in Navratri to avoid fear. One can worship Skandmata. Use yellow, white or green color clothes. Do meditation of Skandmata. Donation is very important in worship. Donate seven grains on this day. Do not use polythene in worship.

Apply Bhabhut on body on ashthmi. Light cow’s gobar, ghee and camphor on mango wood. Keep root of ashwagandh, twig of giloy, cassia, white sandalwood, red sandalwood, agarkara and eight cloves. Give 108 ahuti chanting “Klim Namash Chandikay Namah Swaha”. Let the fire the calm so that you can get ash. Family can do this yagna. One should sit there unless the fire becomes calm. Filer this ash when it becomes cool. Put it in any glass bottle.

People who get fear they should apply ash on heart, throat, tongue and forehead with ring finger. You can do this tilak in day or night. Chant goddess kali for 11 times before bed. This remedy avoids any type of fear. Keep clove in front of goddess Kali and chant “Om Klim Kale Namah”. Chew this clove before starting your work.

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