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Harsingar is known as Parijaat. Harsingar has the mythological significance. Harsingar has the precise treatment for diabetes and gout. Harsingar is very beneficial in mood swing, anger and concentration. Give one leaf of Harsingar to child to chew it in morning. Drink water after chewing it. This increases concentration and purify the blood.

Tie the twig of Harsingar in white color thread. Cover it in child’s throat when he is preparing for exams. This calm the mind. One can use Harsingar to improve concentration. Daily, take 4-5 Harsingar leaves and wash it with water. Mix potassium permanganate. Wash them with clean water and cut it. Keep it in 1/5 cup of water. Boil this water and make it 1 cup. Drink this water with empty stomach. It is extremely beneficial in joint pain and gas.

Harsingar juice balances the sugar level in the body. Plant Harsingar in the back side of the home to avoid conflicts in the home. The root of Harsingar takes height then move downward. Its twig becomes dry when it goes down. Keep Harsingar flower with you to strengthen Moon. Keep this flower always with you while working brain work.

Check out Importance of Harsingar Flowers - Astro upay

Harsingar Flowers
You can also keep Harsingar flower in bowl. Put it in water. Keep Harsingar flower with you while doing important work. Harsingar increases the luck. Go to Harsingar tree on second or fourth charan in pushy nakshatra. You can also go between 8 and 11 on Shukal Paksh night. Bow to the tree and light one lamp. Dig the land as your need. Take the below part of Harsingar. Keep this small piece in water. Leave it in moon light for overnight. Remember your favored god-goddess in morning and cover it in white cloth and wear it in throat. Start working on the pending work. This strengthens the luck.

Spouse plant Harsingar on shukal paksh’s Monday. Worship your favored god with Harsingar flower. This increase peace in the home. Harsingar kada is beneficial for heart patient. Grind the fiver leaves of Harsingar. Mix honey in it and feed it to the child three times in a day. This improves the child’s throat.

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