Rahu & Ketu Changes Signs - Impact on your Life

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Rahu is in Leo sign and Ketu is in Aquarius sign. Both the planets change their position on 17th August midnight. Rahu will go in Cancer and Ketu will go in Capricorn sing. This is very big change and there is big impact of it. There would be big impact on politics, film and communication. 

Rahu & Ketu Changes Signs - Impact on your Life

Rahu & Ketu Changes Signs
The zodiac change of Rahu and Ketu indicates disasters. There would be war conditions in countries. There would be condition of doubts and accumulation in people. There would be change in employment. There would be ups-downs in employment. There will be big change in politics. Politicians should take care of their health. Democracy decreases and autocracy increases.

Aries: Take care of your health. There would be chances of relocation.

Taurus: Problems will be solved. There would be benefit of property and career.

Gemini: Avoid financial losses. Maintain harmony with family members.

Cancer: There will be chances of change. Take care while taking decision.

Leo: Take care of your eyes. Avoid financial losses.

Virgo: There would be benefit in career. Do not think too much.

Libra: There will be big change in career. Respect will increase.

Scorpio: Avoid defamation. There will be problem of fame and position.

Sagittarius: Avoid accidents. There might be distant in family.

Capricorn: One might get high position. Take care of your marital life.

Aquarius: Enemies and problems will remove. Health will increase.

Pisces: Take care of your child. Take care while taking decision.

Remedy: Worship lord Shiva every morning-evening. Chant “Namah Shivay”. Avoid alcohol and vengeful products. Wear pear or ruby by consulting an astrologer.

Good Luck: Daily take bath and worship lord. After eat your food. None of the inauspicious planet impact on you.

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