Planets Which Makes You Lazy - Astro Upay

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In horoscope, the third, sixth and eleventh house is for courage. A person would be diligent when these houses are strong. However, when these houses are weak then person would be lazy. 

Planets Which Makes You Lazy - Astro Upay

The risk of laziness increases when Shani is weak. Laziness increases when fire element is weak. Moon and Venus also plays an important role in laziness. Water and air sign have more probability of laziness.

The moon is not affected continuously. It changes based on mental condition. Daily take bath in this condition. Clean your body after taking bath. Chant Gayatri psalm by speaking in the morning. Use orange color. Eat your dinner early at night.

A person remains lazy if Shani is weak. A person avoids work due to laziness and face losses. In this case, one should improve food habits. Drink more water and aquatic diet. Do not keep long hair and beard. Daily offer water to Sun in morning. Chant “Om Aaditya Namah” for 108 times in morning. Also, wear copper ring in ring finger on Sunday morning.

Good Luck: It is extremely beneficial to do red sandalwood tilak on Sunday. This will give name and fame.

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