Gas Problem can Make Seriuos Health Issue in Future

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Many people face gas problem. The symptoms are: more emotional, more anger, taking decision in hurry, person take work out by praising, dry lips, dry skin, frequently drinking water, feeling heat or cold too much, getting pain at night, calf pain and joint pain, do not like study, unstable mind, lack of concentration, criticize others, easily getting anxiety, breathlessness, ageing, dryness in hair, suddenly getting anger or love on someone and imagination.

Gas Problem can Make Serious Health Issue in Future

Gas Problem
You are suffering with gout disease. It means gas. Stomach in gas decreases the look of face. A person looks older than his age. One cannot get stability and concentration in study. One spent his time in unnecessary thing. They get fear in unnecessary thing. They get more interest in computer, mobile and internet. They suffer with pain.

Children at the age of 25-26 get this problem and their bone becomes weak. One get pain waist and suffer with dry lips. They get more hunger. It is necessary to get rid of gas problem as one cannot make progress. One gets irritation due to dry skin. Gas increases dandruff. One should get rid of from gas problem for better career, health and future.

One should balance body and mind for some time. Do not work in hurry. One should do yoga. Talk with patience. Gas increases the speed. The imbalance of body-mind affects body. Gas creates foliage and shivering in hand-leg. Gas decreases the memory power. In these cases, do meditation. This controls thoughts. One can do it under vicinity of idol. He can control your thoughts. Gas increases many problems if it is not control in time.

Do vajrasan after having meal. It is beneficial to do massage on soul, calf and navel. It is also beneficial to do fomentation with celery water. Cook garlic, cumin and celery in mustard oil. Do massage on navel every day. Control on your food. Do not eat hot food. Do not eat hot food to avoid gas. It is beneficial to do massage 2-3 times in a week. People having too much cold food face gas problem.

Mix bottle gourd juice in coconut oil. Keep it on light flame. Apply it on hair. This increases memory power. Eat celery while going bed. Do not sleep till 3 hours after having meal. This increases problem. Cover your both thumb with suti thread. Take seven circles of it.

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