Do you Have Lots of Struggle in your Life ? - Check out Via Palmistry

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If there is net and many lines, on your thumb, then one have to do more struggle. One faces more difficulties while getting splendor. Life will not ease easily. One has to do more struggle and hard work. They get success after hard work and suffering a lot. The net near thumb denotes struggle. They cannot affect the achievements. 

Do you Have Lots of Struggle in your Life ? - Check out Via Palmistry

If there are cut lines on life line then one has to struggle a lot early. They have to do more struggle between the age of 20 and 22. They get success after hard work and trouble. It is easy to accept the fact and work hard. Do not leave the aim in adverse condition. If there are lines on life line then one has to struggle till the age of 25-36. They might have to struggle for friends, home and health.

If luck line is thick, divided in two lines and meet forward then it indicates struggle. Students get success after hard work. One should do such remedy to avoid struggle.

These lines below the ring finger, it occurs at the age of 18-19. There are more chances of getting this line after the age of 25. One might face litigation and statutory issues. One should believe in god and work hard.

If there are such lines below the little finger, then one faces speech and health issues. Many people have to struggle due to bad work. Do not keep treason in mind. One faces many problems due to litigation and court matters. If there are many lines below the index finger then one has to struggle.

On the above cases, one can avoid struggle through cow, idol and temple. One should take shelter of idol to avoid struggle. Always, try to keep them happy and talk with them on spiritual topic. Do not hurt them. If Jupiter is weak then one faces many problems. One should serve cow with honesty. Clean the temple and do shrungar of god-goddess. One can plant trees in temple or pour water in the plants. One gets success even though weak Jupiter or Venus. Offer gomuti chakra to goddess Durga. Chant Argala strot for 501 times and ripe the gomuti chakra. 

Cover it in throat. One definitely gets success. Serve small girls, below the 8 years of age, on every Friday. Donate them food and clothes. Regularly feed them kheer. Those who clean their home they should do less struggle. One should clean water place on Shukalpaksh’s sixth and eight day. Do not cheat your friend, partner and parents to earn money. One should try to know the reason of struggle, conflict or litigation. Very few people do analysis. Sit in front of goddess Kali with food. Chant “Aem Hrim Klim Namash Chandikay”. This reduces struggle and one gets success.

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