Children's Study and Vastu's Connection

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Study is very important for students. Study is important to improve life. Human makes constant progress if they study whole life. There should be special place for study in the home. Every direction puts special effects on our body and mind. Every direction has magnetic field due to earth’s axis. The direction of sleep and meal is different.

Children's Study and Vastu's Connection

children study vastu
Do not study in south or southwest direction. Study cannot be done with concentration and brain capacity. The air is fast across the gallery at the new location. If the air way is tight then air will go faster. One cannot concentrate in study in gallery. This increases worry and anxiety. One can sit in gallery to listen music and for reading books. Avoid study in gallery.

Do not study into the place where there is a lot of stuff, TV and music system. Vastu means to connect a person’s magnetic field to magnetic power. If it joint positively then mind-body power will increase. However, if it joint negatively then mind-body power reduces. One should study where mind-body becomes calm and concentrated. Concentration cannot come without mental peace. One gets obstacles due to distraction.

One should study in north or northeast side. You can study in east direction in compulsion. Do not study except north, northeast or east direction. Many home have lack of facility. Vastu doesn’t mean that you break into the house. Vastu means the system where you make some changes and make favorable for you. One should set favorable place for him. It is beneficial to study in north, northeast or east direction. Vastu is not limited to direction and earth.

Sun and air is another important thing related to Vastu. It is more important than direction. The sunlight on study table improves study place. Child gets benefit if the light of rising Sun comes on child’s face or study table. Sun light strengthens the body-mind of the body and child gets power. Their concentration increases. If some student is very naughty and remains in dream while studying then sit them in this direction. Also, try to sit them in front of rising Sun. Child becomes depth and mature. He works with his full responsibility. If child get sunlight then he can study easily. The fidget reduces. Student should sit in front of sun while studying. One can sit on terrace, park or where he gets sunlight. One should sit in sunlight during summer. This increases the interest in subjects.

Air is important thing in Vastu. Do not keep window and doors close in the home. If child don’t get fresh air then his mind will not work properly. They get anger and anxiety. Try to keep your windows-doors open therefore, fresh air comes in the home. Fresh air makes strengthens the body. This strengthens the Shani and does not give bad results. Child takes responsibility if Sun and Shani are strong. Sky, air and fire element are important for students. One should keep clean their study table. One cannot concentrate in study if there is stuff on study table. You can balance the situation by keeping plant. Plant gives peace to the mind. Peeple tree gives more peace. It also gives oxygen. It is auspicious tree. Lord Krishna lives in peeple tree. Keep peeple tree outside for while and few house inside the home.

Do not keep light color clothes on study table. Keep red color, lavender, dark green color. This increases courage and child can work hard and his mind won’t divert.

There is a direct relation between student and wall. If student’s face and eyes see open space then it creates sky element in his mind. His mind diverts and cannot concentrate on study. Therefore, there should be wall or door when you start reading. Avoid having widow. Keep water in silver glass on study table. You can also keep water in iron glass. Avoid giving food in china mud or glass utensil. There is one place in every home, where family members fill diseases. In this case, keep copper on that place. You can also keep god-goddess image. Do not keep your legs in air. This reduces concentration and they face problems in study. Mind cannot work properly.

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