Bhadrapad Month Will Give Good Results - Astro Upay

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Bhadra means welfare provider. Bhadrapad means month of good results. The people follow fast, rule and allegiance. This month is extremely beneficial for atonement. This month is very effective to make mind pious and auspicious emotions. In this month, the worship of lord Krishna can be done.

Bhadrapad Month Will Give Good Results - Astro Upay

Bhadrapad Month
Avoid having raw food in this month. It is restricted to use yogurt during this month. There is a risk of increase blood pressure in this month. Take bath with cold water in morning-evening. Offer basil leaf to lord Krishna. It is beneficial to boil basil leaf in tea or milk.

In this month, there is a festival of Ganesha chaturthi and Ganesha mahotsav. There is also a birth of lord Krishna, Balram and Radha in this month. In this month, there is a women’s good luck festival Haritalika teej. There is also anant Chaturdarshi in this month. This gives extreme saintly.

Do not use yogurt in this month. However, Shree Krishna fulfills the desire to take bath with panchamrut. Those who cannot get child they should celebrate birthday of lord Krishna. They can also involve in lord Krishna’s birthday celebration. Chant Geeta to increase self-confidence in this month. Keeping laddoo-gopal and shell increases prosperity in the home.

Worship lord Ganesha for knowledge and intelligence in this month. Keep yellow color Ganesha image in home. Offer Durva and modak every morning. Maintain pious entire month. This removes every problems of life.

Good Luck: Wear yellow color clothes in Bhadrapad. It keeps the state of mind and body better.

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