Astrology Connection & Upay for Twins - Astro Upay

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Twin born on same time. Therefore, their prediction occurs. However, there would be difference in their luck. The four minute difference in birth may create problem. 

Astrology Connection & Upay for Twins - Astro Upay

Upay for Twins
If the lagan of twin is different than it would be easy for prediction. Their horoscope is one however; it is controlled by different planets. Usually, one person is very lucky and other has to do struggle.

If the owner of fifth house is in second house or Moon or Mercury is santankarak. People having radix of 1, 6 or 9 they may get twin. Sometime, luck changes after birth of twin. Usually, they take luck in high position.

Do Rudrabhishek jointly for twin. Take care of elder child’s health. Child whose horoscope denote struggle in life, cover his finger with water element gemstone. Do not keep their name coordinated. Do not keep their name on one letter (same letter). Maintain one year gap between their marriages.

Make peace of the negative constellation. Do not feed non veg food to twin at least for 4 years. Every morning chant Vishnusashstraname for first four months. Try to strengthen the main planet of twin.

Good Luck: Chant Gayatri psalm every morning. This removes negative energy and vastudosha from the home.

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