Why Your Dreams Are not Becoming True? - Astro Upay

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Many people do not get success in life. Ketu directs them in negative side. Moon and Ketu gives vision. It is useless to see dream without karma. One should work hard and converts their thoughts in karma.

Why Your Dreams Are not Becoming True? - Astro Upay

One should strengthen Sun. Wear copper bracelet. Wear this copper bracelet through father or a person similar to father. Wear this on Sunday.

When Ketu and Moon doesn’t get support from Sun and Mars then person does only planning. Human should sit under rising sun’s light for 10 minutes to half an hour.

Start visiting any religious place every day. Ask their and bring anything from religious place. Always, keep it with you. Do yagna for one minute every morning. Keep desi ghee and camphor on cow’s upla and light it. Keep fresh rotti on it and worship lord Sun. Also, chant Gayatri psalm or any psalm.

Wear silver ring in index finger on Thursday. The ring should be round and would not be open. One should eat Ashwagandha with milk and mishri-sugar. Cover your throat with root of Ashwagandha on Thursday. Wear it in grey color thread.

Wake up in the morning, take bath and worship. Sit facing on south side and remember your every pitru. Also, apologize to them for your mistakes. Fill water in pottery and put some sesame. Chant “Om Pitra Devay Namah Om Pitra Shanti Bhav” facing south side and pouring the water.

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