Why Wife's & Daughters Go to Mayka in Savan Month After Marriage?

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Usually, girls go to mayaka in first savan after marriage. They can remain mentally and physically strong. There is special tradition that girls goes to mayaka in first savan. This maintains condition of mayaka and in laws house. Sometimes, daughter’s luck controls the entire house. 

Why Wife's & Daughters Go to Mayka in Savan Month After Marriage?

The position of house change after marriage of girl. It also happens if one cannot give respect to girls. In the month of savan, one can get rid of many problems when daughter comes in the home.

Plant basil leaf through daughter in savan month. Light lamp under basil leaf every evening. After that, daughter should worship for peace and prosperity in the home. Take jaggery through daughter on Tuesday. Keep this jaggery in pottery and hide in mud. This fulfills house and property desire.

Take one supari cover with Rakshasutra from daughter. Take this on Wednesday. Cover this supari with yellow color cloth and put it in worship place. This reduces debt problem.

Do this remedy on any Monday of savan month through daughter. Do entire shrungar of daughter. Sit with your spouse and daughter. Take little akshat and one silver coin through daughter in pink cloth. Cover this akshat and coin with yellow color cloth and put it in money place. Also, bow your daughter. This improves financial conditions of home.

Good Luck: It is auspicious to apply Mehandi and wearing colorful clothes. One gets happiness in life by wearing green and yellow color clothes.

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