What is the Science and Secret behind Rudraksh? - Astro Upay

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Rudraksha increases electromagnetic activities in the body. Rudraksha impacts positively on mind. One should take care of its shape and face. Every face impacts differently. Rudraksha can give wonderful results. This calms the mind and increases concentration.

Science & Secret in Rudraksh - Astro Upay

Secret in Rudraksh
One faces universal power in the body. Dairycolin and metaphosphedon is in high amount in Rudraksha. This strengthens the body and mind. It also improves blood transmission in the body. It improves blood pressure therefore; there would be good circulation of oxygen in the body.

Mind becomes weak due to shortage of oxygen and water. Fill water in copper urn and keep Rudraksha in it. Keep this urn near head while sleeping. Drink this Rudraksha water in morning. This makes mind sharp.

Three faces Rudraksha is beneficial for students. It is also beneficial for yoga and sadhana. Three face Rudraksha increase concentration. Chant “Om Klim Namah” to siddh it. Chant this mantra for 11,000 and wear it on Monday.

Put Rudraksha in milk and leave it for two or three minutes. This drink is beneficial for children. It sharpens the mind. It also improves oxygen level in the body. A person won’t become sadhu by wearing Rudraksha.

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