Some Signs On Nails Can Predict Your Future - Astro Upay

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The rapid growth of nail is good sign. However, the slow growth of nails is not good sign. When you cut nails it should be increases in five days. The slow growth of nail is symptom of weak health. Slow growth of nail is the symptom of low level of oxygen and iron in the body. Their hemoglobin level is also low. They should take medical advice.

Some Signs On Nails Can Predict Your Future - Astro Upay

The straight line on nail is not good sign. There might be problem in blood. Drink plenty of water if nail growth is slow. Do not eat heavy food. Also, intake yogurt. One should intake chirayata and google if nail growth is slow. Chirayata cleans the blood. Nails denote our health.

If Mars is weak or there is impact of Shani on Mars then bone becomes weak. One gets laziness and faces weakness. It affects the power of fertility. Avoid junk food. Eat 5 almonds, 1 walnut and 10 raisins every day. Avoid spicy and sour food. You can intake google. Take care of chemicals in the body. Drink mixture of 1 Amla, 1 tomato, 1 beetroot and 1 lemon juice. You can mix carrot in winter.

Take care if your nails become blue, yellow or purple. They should do pranayama. Drink plenty of water. However, do no drink fridge water. It is beneficial to drink lukewarm water. Drink this water after 15 minutes of having meal. Eat light food and intake plenty of fruits.

Children should take care of their nails. Such symptoms on nails impact on intelligence. It is not good sign if one read more than two times. If Moon below the nail is remove than mind becomes weak. If one gets darkness or cuts on nails then he faces health issues. It is not good sing to have whiteness in the root of nails. This affects blood and liver. This also indicates lack of vitamins C. This weakness health. This impact on Sun and Mars. These impacts on success and health.

On the above cases, eat one teaspoon honey. Sit under sunlight for 20 minutes every morning. After that, eat one teaspoon honey. Drink milk and eat one apple every day. Include juicy food in your diet. Avoid having yogurt, rice and rotti after sunset. The easily broken nails create problem in child happiness. There might be shortage of vitamins C and imbalance of hormone. Soak fenugreek seed for overnight, filter it and drink it in the morning. Also, take medical advice.

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