How Mango Helps to Remove Pitru Dosh - Astro Upay

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Discord cannot reduce if pitrudosha is in home. No opinions will be made on any matter. Family member cannot come together through emotionally. There won’t be auspicious work occur in the home. 

How Mango Helps to Remove Pitru Dosh - Astro Upay

Mango helps in pitru dosh
In these cases, plant mango trees. However, don’t accept fruits from trees as it won’t maintain piousness.

The next generation will get fruits of mango tree. Planting mango tree removes pitrudosha. Mango tree is beneficial to remove obstacles of getting married. In this case, take wood of old mango tree, which is 10 years old. Take this wood from Shri Ram temple. A person who faces problems in getting married he/she should wear this wood. Mango wood is beneficial to get rid of Mars related problem.

Pick off the fallen green leaves of mango tree. Clean this leaves with Gangajal. Write “Hum” for three times with rolli on every leaf. Do this for 11 Tuesdays and flow it in auspicious water. Husband-wife both should do this remedy. It increases happiness in marital life. One will get rid of debt.

The root of mango is extremely beneficial for science student. Keep root of mango in red cloth on Tuesday. Cover it in throat. Keep root of mango in copper bowl and put it on study table. This increases concentration in study.

Cover twig of mango with copper wire. Cover it with red or yellow cloth. Keep this twig under your head while sleeping.

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