Biggest Mantra To Get Married Quickly

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Worship Shri Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi on shukal Paksh’s Thursday. Chant “Om Lakshmi Narayanya Namah”. Chant this psalm with crystal garland every day. Worship for desire life partner. Do this remedy for 3 months.

Biggest Mantra To Get Married Quickly

Get Married indian
Take yellow color cloth on Sunday. Keep 7 turmeric, 7 piece of jaggery, 7 supari, 7 yellow flowers, 70 c.m. yellow cloths and 70 gram horse gram. Worship goddess Parvati with this stuff. Keep all these stuff in home for 40 days. It removes every obstacles of marriage.

Unmarried Girls: Keep fast on Thursday. Girls can wear topaz or Sunhala. Donate any yellow stuff on Thursday. Do not sleep on Thursday afternoon.

Unmarried Boys: Wear American Jerkan or diamond. Donate white clothes to small girls on Friday.

One should keep faith while doing remedies. Do not keep bad thoughts for others. Keep secret your remedy. Keep faith and trust in god while doing remedy.

One should chant special psalm to avoid obstacles in getting married. Chant “Om Klim Krishnaya Gopijan Wallabhay Swaha Keshvi Keshvaradhya Kishori Kesvastutua, Rudra Rupa Rudra Murti Rudrani Rudra Devata”. Chant this psalm in front of Radha-Krishna image for 108 times.

Keep turmeric in bathing water on Thursday. Take bath with this water. Include saffron in your diet. There is special importance of yellow cloth in marriage. Therefore, wear yellow color clothes.

In Indian culture, cow is holy cow. Feed two laddoo keeping turmeric to cow on Thursday. You can also feed jaggery and horse gram. Worship banana tree on Thursday. Light ghee’s lamp near banana tree on Thursday.

Do not eat anything until 12 o’clock at night on Monday. Do not drink water. Take one dry coconut on Tuesday. Keep sugar powder, panchmeva and 300 gm bura. Keep this coconut under peeple tree. Do this remedy for 7 Tuesdays.

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