Jupiter :- Position and Effect - Astro Upay

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Jupiter is master and consultation in planet. It controls yellow, gold, finance, law, religion, knowledge, psalm, pundit and sacraments. Jupiter controls digestive system, obesity and age. It is the lord of sky therefore; its effect is very big. Jupiter plays an important role in woman’s marriage.

Jupiter :- Position and Effect - Astro Upay

Sacraments become weak if Jupiter is impaired. One cannot get money as well as support from elders. One has weak digestive system. Jupiter creates cancer and liver problem. Jupiter also creates children problem. Sometime, one cannot get child. If Jupiter relates with marriage house then it become challenge. One can get rid of bad effect of Shani. However, it is very difficult to get rid of Jupiter related problems.

Wear yellow color clothes after taking bath on Thursday. Sit in front of image of Jupiter lord or banana plant. Light incense stick and lamp. Keep gram and jaggery. After that chant Jupiter psalm. Chant Jupiter’s psalm with turmeric or Rudraksha rosary. Eat yellow food on Thursday. Do not eat salt on Thursday.

Chant “Om Brum Burhaspataye Namah” in morning to get mercy of Jupiter. If you are facing health issues due to Jupiter then you can chant “Om Gram Grim Groom Saha Guruvye Namah” in morning-evening. If you are facing sacrament issues due to Jupiter then you can chant “Om Devpujitaya Namah” in morning. Chant “Om Aangirsay Vidhwe Dwivdevay Dhimahi Tano Jiv Prachodayat”.

Good Luck: Avoid wearing gold below the waist. It weakness Jupiter and problems increase in domestic life.

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