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Nature of your Kids
Aries: They like to play more rather than having food. Often they get injury while playing. Parents should take care from injury. They should take care in sports.

Taurus: They have obstinacy and anger. Often they face obesity and cold problem. Parents should keep their children in discipline.

Gemini: Children do much work once at a time. They also fall in love at early age. Therefore, they face problems in education and career. Parents should advise them.

Cancer: Children get impacts on mind in small matters. They are intelligent and progressive. Therefore, parents should understand feelings and mind.

Leo: If children get right directions then they make good progress. Often, it seems that they quarrel. Therefore, parents should teach them to follow religion and god path.

Virgo: Children think too much about food and life. They do not like all things or adjust with all. Parents should make aware them life’s reality.

Libra: They adjust in every situation. They accept everything. However, they may indulge in bad company of friends or fall in love at early age. Therefore, parents should teach them difference between good-bad.

Scorpio: They easily get hurt in small matters. They have medical and spiritual knowledge since childhood. Therefore, parents should handle them with love and caress.

Sagittarius: They have arrogance and anger since childhood. They always quarrel. Therefore, parents should keep their children in discipline.

Capricorn: They are very good in study and sports. Therefore, they get arrogance. Children become selfish since childhood. They do not care for relations. Parents should teach them to give respect to others.

Aquarius: Children want to do something different. Therefore, they create problem. They are very moody in food and socializing. Parents should understand their children. They can also give emotional support to them.

Pisces: Often, children show direction to the society. Therefore, it is difficult to understand to them. One can see their symptoms at early age of life. Parents should allow them to go in their desire field.

Remedy: One should wear white or light color clothes on Monday. One cannot get stress and mind remains happy.

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