Different Animals and Connection To Astrology

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The relation with beast and god creates to establish importance of beast. It is also created to balance nature. Every beast denotes one special mental power and sign. The worship of god is done to control related sign and activities.

Different Animals and Connection To Astrology

Animals and Connection To Astrology
Bull: Lord Shiva balances the mental energy. Bull indicates Taurus sign. It is the biggest sign of mental power. The worshiping of lord Shiva gives mental strength, beauty and good health. One can worship lord Shiva seating on bull. Chant Shiva Sahastranam.

Lion: Goddess Durga is the symbol of energy. Lion indicates courage, vitality and protection. It relates with Leo sign. The worshiping of goddess Durga gives courage, protection and success. People relating to courageous work should worship goddess Durga. Chant Durga Saptsati.

Owl: Goddess Lakshmi is the symbol of beauty and prosperity. Owl is the symbol of knowledge and reclusion. It relates with Aquarius sign. Lakshmi establish with owl is called Mahalakshmi. The worshiping of her gives balance knowledge and money. Chant Shree Sukatam.

Rat: Lord Ganesha is symbol of knowledge, wisdom and removing crisis. Rat is considered as diligent and sharp wisdom. It relates with Gemini and Virgo sign. The worshiping of lord Ganesha with rat increases wisdom and growth of seed. Chant Santan Ganpati Strot.

Good Luck: Do not keep bushy animals’ image in home. It reduces peace in the home.

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