Improve Home Interior For Better Home Environment

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Every corner of the home relates with planet. Therefore, we can improve our luck by changing changes such thing in our home. We can do some remedy related to the weak planet. The planet of the horoscope disturbs if we make change, which is not suitable to that planet.

Improve Home Interior For Better Home Environment

Improve Home Interior
Main Entrance: It relates with Sun. You should keep it clean. You should arrange in such a way that sunlight comes on main entrance. You can keep religious symbol. It is beneficial to maintain fame and prestige of your family members.

Living Room
: It relates with Moon. You should keep it fragrance. Do not keep too many stuff at this place. You can keep flowers and flower’s image. The conditions of women and mental conditions will improve.

Kitchen: It relates with Mars and Sun. Sunlight should come in this area. You should keep kitchen stuff in proper way. Keep light red or orange color of the kitchen. It improves health and prosperity in the home.

Bed Room: It relates with Venus. It is beneficial to keep it beautiful, attractive and comfortable. Keep cool and shiny colors in bed room. You will get benefit of splendor, prosperity and glamour. However, happiness ends if you do not keep it clean. You will also face problems in marital life.

Worship Place: It relates with Jupiter and Shani. You should maintain purity at this place. Do not keep too many images or idols. You should light lamp in the evening. Jupiter can be strengthened by keeping worship place clean.

Bathroom: It relates with Rahu-Ketu and Shani. Do not waste water on this place. You should maintain air and light at this place. Do not keep bathroom door open. You can avoid ups-downs and struggle by keeping this place good.

Remedy: You should prepare Kheer and offer it to lord Shiva. Also, offer white flowers to him. It strengthens the Moon.

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