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Silver is the main metal, which is used in our life. Silver is considered as auspicious and pious metal. It is believed that it came from lord Shiva’s eyes. In astrology, it relates with Moon and Venus.

Importance of Silver in Astrology

Importance of Silver
Silver controls water element and cough in our body. Silver is medium valuable therefore, it is widely used. Silver strengthens the mind. 

It also sharpens the mind. Silver reduces the problems relating to Moon. It strengthens the Venus and keeps our mind happy.

Silver removes toxins from the body and makes skin shiny. It is extremely beneficial to wear silver ring in little finger. 

It strengthens the Moon. Mind becomes stable. You can also wear silver chain in throat. It makes your speech clear and pure.

Silver balances the hormones. Silver bracelet balances the cough, gout and bile. One can get rid of cold-cough by drinking water in silver glass. 

You can eat honey with silver spoon or in silver bowl. It removes toxins from the body.

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