How to Control Bad Food Habits - Astro Upay

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If someone is very clever and his wife remains ill then it is sign of bad luck. In this case, you should take control on your food habits. Donate kajal on Saturday. You should seat on the Kush bench during a day.

How to Control Bad Food Habits - Astro Upay

Control Bad Food Habits
Many people suck the finger while having their meal. This is the sign of bad luck. They will face stomach, heart and mind problems. In this case, you should worship lord Shiva on trayodashi.

Many people do not cover their bed after waking up. It indicates that they will face anxiety problems. In this case, you should do mediation and drink water in silver glass.

If you get feeling to cheat someone then it indicates that your struggle will increase. Your prestige will not remain stable. In this case, you should donate 5 almonds on Fridays and Saturdays. You can also keep 12 almonds in black cloth and donate it on Sunday.

Many people get anger and their speech become harsh. They will face problems relating to heart, stomach, mind or breathing.

Many male have habit of staring women and they do not respect girls. It affects the positivity of Venus and Sun. Their luck will decrease. In this case, you should wash your legs properly before going for bedtime. You can also keep your legs in lukewarm water. Donate salty food to small girls and bow them. It is beneficial to do this Friday or Monday.

If you are criticize others too much then you will do struggle your life. You won’t get financial and prestige stability. In this case, donate one coconut on every Saturday.

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