Some Important Tips to Control Anger

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Anger should be avoided by everyone. There are two parts of mind, hypothalamus and amygdale. It means Mars and Moon. Hypothalamus represents Moon and amygdale represents Mars. 

Some Important Tips to Control Anger

Control Anger
Emotions occur in these two parts of mind. Weak Moon and Mars weakens the body system. If Sun is impaired then person keep his soul on edge.

Epinephrine, norephrine and neurotransmitters imbalance. The heart beat and BP increase. One cannot take control their mind. Muscles cannot hear message from our mind. There would not be co-ordination between mind and body.

Memory becomes weak due to anger. People become absent minded due to anger. Anger affects your brain, mind, throat, heart, genital and legs. Anger is kept in the category of devil.

You should use more silver. You can drink water in silver glass. You can do bhastrika or deep breathe when you get anger. Avoid wearing ruby, coral, emerald and red sandalwood necklace. You can do anulom-vilom. Take the root of khirni and tie up in white thread. Cover your neck with it on Monday.

You can eat juicy fruits to strengthen Moon. Do not intake more calcium. You should live under asylum of an idol. You can do asthgandh tilak on your forehead. Avoid using more sugar to control your anger.

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