Skin Care Tips for Summer - Home Remedies

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It is necessary to take care of the skin in summer. Heavy heat affects the skin. In addition, it also become dry, one might get wrinkles.

Skin Care Tips for Summer - Home Remedies

Skin Care Tips for Summer
Cold: Apply ice, moisturizer, yogurt, Multani mud, tomato on your skin after coming home in summer.

Cleanliness: Sweat occurs more in summer. It affects skin and one get rashes, itching on it. In this case, you should take bath 2-3 times a day and frequently wash your face.

Rose Water: Keep rose water or fragrance essential oil in bathing water. Body gets moisture and you won’t get odor from the body.

Talcum Powder: Sweat comes more in summer and bacteria affect the skin. In this case, you should apply talcum powder on throat and under arms. It is helpful to prevent sweat.

Juicy Fruit: One should eat watermelon and musk melon in summer. It gives moisture to skin and it become healthy.

Avoid Heat: Heat affects the skin and skin become dark. Therefore, you should cover your body before going out.

Drink Water: Water comes out in the form of sweat and skin becomes dry. Water keeps body hydrated.

Sunscreen: One should use 30 SPF to 45 SPF sunscreen lotions in summer.

Soap: One should take 2-3 times bath in summer and soap makes your skin dry. Therefore, you should use less soap.

Healthy Diet: Tea-coffee, oily-spicy food is not good for skin. Therefore, you should eat more fruits and vegetables.

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