Importance Of Mother in Human Life - Astrology View

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God has created two entities for human life. One is male and second is female. When female uses her power to create human then she is called as mother. Mother is only auspicious, compassionate.

Importance Of Mother in Human Life - Astrology View

Importance Of Mother
Moon is the factor of mother. It also relates with Venus. Cancer sign and the fourth house of horoscope relates with mother. One can know about the mother’s condition from the owner of fourth house and Moon. However, Moon denotes most of the conditions of mother.

You might face mental stress and problems if you do not respect your mother. One might get mental disorder or depression. They face problem in journeys. People do not get stability in their life.

Moon can be strengthened by giving respect to mother. They get easily benefits in diseases. Their mind becomes happy. They can live their life easily and normally. One get all the solutions of their children’s problem.

Take bath and wear white clothes and worship lord Shiva on Monday morning. Chant “Namah Shivay” as much as you can. Donate white clothes and white sweet or Kheer to poor on Monday evening. Wear pearl after consulting an astrologer.

Remedy: People who moves their shoulder and do not match eyes while talking. They are not trustworthy.

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