Importance of Bangles in Women's Life - Astrology Connection

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Since ancient times, bangles are considered as the symbol of beauty and good luck for women. It not only increases the beauty but also it increases health and mental condition. Bangles are used in many forms such as kangan, kada or bracelet. Men can also wear it in kada or bracelet form and increases their health and planets. It has minor effect in astrology and normal life. It directly impacts on mind.

Importance of Bangles in Women's Life - Astrology Connection

Bangles astrology
Bangles are round and it is the symbol of Mercury and Moon. It relates with marital life and beauty therefore; it is also the symbol of Venus. It touches to the Manibhandh Mountain so it directly affects the health. Marital life can be improved by wearing right color bangles. We can get success in love and career by special use.

Do not buy bangles on Saturday or Tuesday. Offer bangles to goddess Gauri before wearing it. You should start wearing new bangles in morning or evening. Unmarried women can wear any type of color’s bangles. However, married women should avoid wearing black color bangles. Married women should wear red bangles if they wish to wear white bangles. Women can wear glass, gold or silver bangles while men can wear iron, copper, gold or silver kada or bracelet.

One can wear bangles, which are made from equal amount of gold and silver, for good health. One can wear pink color bangles to increase love and happiness in marital life. Keep red bangles in red clothe and offer it to goddess Durga to easily get married. One can wear yellow glass bangles for progeny. Donate bangles to those whom you love most.

Remedy: Women should do dot on their forehead. Their health and nature remains good.

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