Astrology Connection Responsible for Medical Surgery

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Mars is the responsible planet for blood and protection. Mars provides every type of health strength. It is also owner of bloodshed. But if this violence is created for person’s welfare then it becomes surgery. 

Astrology Connection Responsible for Medical Surgery

Medical Surgery
Therefore, Mars is responsible for surgery. The fire signs and fire element play an important role in surgery. Scorpio sign relates with surgery.

If the fire element is high in horoscope or Mars is impaired then you might go for surgery. If there is relation between Saturn and fire signs or if there are more planets on sixth house then surgery yoga occurs. 

Surgery yoga occurs if there is star or island or blackish or reddish palm. Surgery yoga happens if nails are uneven and unclear.

If Jupiter or Venus is strong or auspicious planets are in center then person do not get surgery. A person does not get surgery if there is auspicious time or small injury. A person doesn’t get surgery if his birth is in early morning or evening.

On the above cases, you should worship lord Nrushinha with red flower. Chant his hymn regularly. You can donate blood. Keep your head on south side while sleeping. Keep fast on full moon day once in a month. Wear yellow sapphire or opal by consulting an astrologer.

Remedy: If you imagine about someone and his/her face cannot appear in your mind then he/she forget you.

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