Astro Upay for Extra Marital Affair of Partner

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Venus creates attraction in men while Jupiter creates attraction in women. Venus creates attraction and love in marital life. Mars increase this attraction and love. Rahu creates divagation in marital life. 

Astro Upay for Extra Marital Affair of Partner

Astro Upay for Extra Marital Affair
The chances of divagation increases in men if the Venus is impaired. The chances of divagation increases in women if the Jupiter is impaired. The combination of Venus-Mars or Venus, Mars or Rahu creates adultery and character flaw.

There would be no extra marital affairs happens when Venus is auspicious and strong or the seventh house and its owner in good position. It also happens when Jupiter relates with seventh house and its owner or there are no net on Venus Mountain. It happens when the color of hand is clear and the horoscope of husband-wife matches completely.

Extra marital affair happens when Jupiter is strong and Moon is weak. Venus or Jupiter is positioned in exalted sign. If there is combination of Venus and Rahu or there are two similar marriage line and Venus Mountain is more upward. Those whose radix is 2, 4 or 8 they do more extra marital affair.

Husband-wife does not love each other when Jupiter and Moon are impaired. Inauspicious planets are positioned in center. It also happens when inauspicious planets have eye on Venus. It happens when marriage line goes downward and bending. There would be no harmony between husband-wife when there is mole on Venus Mountain. Extra marital affair happens if there are many planets positioned in seventh house.

On the above case, one should chant 3 rosaries of Namah Shivay in evening. Offer yellow flower to lord Vishnu on Thursday morning. Light ghee’s lamp under basil plant in evening. Maintain cleanliness and avoid leakage in the home. Keep goddess Durga image at worship place. Offer red flower to her in every morning-evening. Chant “Om Dum Durgaye Namah” for 108 times. Avoid non-veg and alcohol. Keep plenty of colorful flower paintings in your bedroom. Do not waste milk and water.

Remedy: Do not keep images and pictures of yantra at the worship place. You might face problem due to lapse. However, you can keep yantra of numbers, which are quite beneficial for you.

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