Season you Born has Great Impact on your Nature - Astro Upay

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Predict Nature of person from season they born in. Season has great impact on your mind, check out how to predict nature of person by seasons. 

Season you Born has Great Impact on your Nature - Astro Upay

Season you Born
Before we begin to season, check out name wise and month wise different seasons;
  • Vasant -- Spring (February to April)
  • Grishma -- Summer (April to June)
  • Varsha -- Monsoon (June to August)
  • Sharad -- Autumn (August to October)
  • Hemant -- Prewinter (October to December)
  • Shishir -- Winter (December to February)
Hemant: It has impact of Jupiter. People born during these months are emotional and prestigious. They often go towards quietude or lonely life. They should check before wearing yellow sapphire. However, sapphire is beneficial for them.

Shishir: It has impact of Saturn. People born during this season are intelligent, knowledgeable and artist. They often go towards carus. They lose everything due to their selfishness. It is beneficial to wear sapphire or diamond.

Vasant: It has impact of Venus. People born during this season are beautiful and prosper. However, they face emotional problems. Diamond is very beneficial for them. However, you should check Venus conditions before wearing diamond.

Grisma: It has impact of Sun and Mars. People born during this season are administrator, lawyer and politician. They are angry and suffer with long diseases. They can wear gemstone, which are related to water element. However, ruby is also beneficial for them.

Varsha: It has impact of Moon. People born during this season are emotional and sensitive. They get high position in material or spiritual world. Coral or pearl is beneficial for them.

Sarad: It has impact of Mercury. People born during this season have sharp mind and they are artist. Sometimes, they are good writer and presenter. They should avoid wearing fieriest gemstones. However, emerald is quite beneficial for them.

Remedy: You should do red swastik behind the mobile or electronics items. It increases their efficiency.

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