Problem Solutions from Mustard Oil with Astrology Way

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Mustard oil is very helpful. It is not only healthy but it increase luck well. Mars can be strengthened by doing massage with mustard oil. Saturn can be strengthened by having cooked vegetables in mustard oil. You can donate mustard oil to get rid of Shani related problems. 

Problem Solutions from Mustard Oil with Astrology Way

Mustard Oil with Astrology
You can donate it on Saturday. However, you should avoid intake of mustard oil when you donate it. Business increases if you donate vegetables, which are cooked in mustard oil, to workers. Take mustard oil, peel off from your head and throw it. It is useful to get rid of diseases.

Mustard oil is quite beneficial in heart, mouth ulcers, stomach, skin and nail disorders. The mixture of turmeric and mustard oil is useful for strong and shiny teeth. It is also helpful in pyorrhea. Apply mustard oil on sole before going bed at night. It increases the eye sight. You can also apply it on your naval before taking bath.

Children can get good sleep by doing massage with mustard oil in sunlight. You can also put two drops in nose if you are suffering from sticky nose. Take 10 gram camphor, 200 gram mustard oil and do massage with it. It is quite beneficial in nerve, backache and muscle pain. People who are suffering from catarrh they should apply mustard oil in their hair.

If you have such line, as shown on above figure, then you might face many problems due to Jupiter. You cannot get stability in your life. You get many opportunities but you won’t make progress in life. There won’t be harmony with your parents. In this case, mustard oil can be useful. Keep turmeric in mustard oil and donate it on Thursdays.

One should avoid using impair mustard oil. You might suffer from liver, psoriasis and dropsy diseases. Do not use mustard oil, which is not used for long time, as you might suffer from cancer. Avoid using too much mustard oil as it increases bile and heat in the body.

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