3 Symptoms That indicates Life Problems

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People should take care for the following three symptoms. 1) Dryness in mouth, 2) Mouth ulcer and 3) Cuts on tongue.

3 Symptoms That indicates Life Problems

indicates Life Problems
Dryness in Mouth: Prestige decreases when one gets dryness in mouth. Father might face some problems. It is not good for blood and bones. You should be alert. Your memory also becomes weak. You may want to change your job due to problems. In these cases, you should avoid having heavy food. Donate split black gram and rotti to the poor for 5 days. Offer water to the Sun until your mouth become right. You should offer water to the Sun with copper urn. Regularly eat saunf, mishri and gola. Do not drink alcohol. Do not eat such food which gives you instant energy. Do not eat high protein food. Do not drink milk at night. Donate milk and grains for 11 Sundays.

Mouth Ulcer: Untimely wakeup, sleep and food, bile rich food are main symptoms of mouth ulcer. People having bitter and sour food get this type of problem. You might suffer with stress or anxiety. It might also affect your prestige. You should take care of your relations if you’re getting mouth ulcer repeatedly. In these cases, you should eat your meal and drink water in copper vessels. Donate 5 copper vessels on Wednesday once in a month. Do this remedy for 11 months. Donate mustard oil and split black gram on Saturdays. Do not wear black color clothes. Also, avoid wearing red and green color clothes. Drink plenty of water. Chant “Om Shram Shrim Shrom Saha Chandramashaye Namah” in moon light at night.

Cuts on Tongue: Cuts on tongue indicates your focus is disturbed. It increases your anger and impatience. Your friends become your enemies. To avoid this, you should wear copper ring in ring finger on Wednesday. You can also tie up red or yellow color thread on right hand’s wrist. Do not wear black color or red color clothes. You can do meditation. You should try to improve your focus.

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