How Donation Helps to Get Rid of Problems

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There are many religion shows in human life. Donation is one of them. Donation is one work by which we not only follow our religion but also we can get rid of problems. Donation should be done for age and health. However, donation also does to get rid of other problems in life. Donation is also done to get rid of planets distress effects. One can donate different stuffs to get rid of different problems.

How Donation Helps to Get Rid of Problems

Donation Helps
Grains: One cannot get shortage of grains/food if they donate grains. It is more beneficial to donate uncooked grains. On Sunday, you can donate wheat or flour to get fame-prestige and good health. On Monday, one can donate rice to get rid of mental disorder. On Tuesday, one can donate barley to get rid of blood disorders and litigation. On Wednesday, it is beneficial to donate green pea to increase intelligence and concentration. One can donate horse gram to avoid serious diseases. You can donate black sesame to prevent yourself from accidents and getting success in business/job.

Metal: Metal should be donated in special conditions. A person should use this metal when you donate him. One gets state post if he donates gold. Donation of silver protects you from diseases. Donation of copper helps you to win in litigation and relief from debts. Donation of iron helps you to get rid of job related problems. Donation of brass gives relief in stomach disorders. Donation of aluminum or steel utensil helps you to get rid of ups-downs in life.

Clothes: Donation of clothes is helpful to maintain financial condition. One should donate big clothes to get benefit in paternal property. You can donate bright and new clothes if you’re spending too much money in diseases. People can donate beautiful and good clothes to avoid financial ups-downs in life.

Never donate anything under pressure. Never give donation to bad people. The donation stuff should be in new and good conditions. Never donate such stuff, which are related to important planet in your horoscope. Do not donate non-veg and alcohol. Always keep your mind pure and clean while doing donation.

Remedy: The color of study room should be light green or light blue color. It increases children’s education and concentration level.

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