Feed Animals and improve your planetary Position

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Do you know feeding birds, animals, fish can improve your planets, here is how. By feeding fish, dog, cat, cow and other animals, you can improve your astrology - horoscope's planets.

Feed Animals and Improve your Planetary Position

feed animals Planetary Position
Birds: Usually, people feed millet or grains to the birds. You should feed them either in morning or afternoon. It is quite beneficial to feed birds to get rid of education, concentration and children problems. Many people believe that keeping food and water for birds on home’s terrace increase prosperity and eliminates conflicts.

Cow: It is quite beneficial to feed green grass, banana or flour sweets to cow. It is extremely beneficial to feed banana or flour sweets to cow to strengthen Jupiter. You can get mercy of nine planets if you serve cow. People who do not have child or they cannot get benefit from property, they should feed anything to cow. The age can be protects by having Panchgavya of cow once in a month.

Fish: You can feed flour balls or dry fly to fish. When you face problem in earning money or you are in debt then you should feed dry fly to fish. You should feed dry fly in early morning or after sunset. However, you won’t get proper results if you feed fish aquarium. You won’t face shortage of money if you feed flour balls to fish on Friday.

Dog: People usually feed rotti/chappati to dogs on Saturday. It is believed that it ends Saturn, Rahu and Ketu’s problem. There is no relation between dog’s color and planets. You can feed any dog to get rid of problem. One can get rid of obstacles and accidents by feeding rotti to dogs in every evening. Do not behave carelessly if you have dog in your home otherwise, planets may become unfavorable.

Cat: There are no rituals found to feed cats. However, you can feed special food to cats to get benefits. You can feed milk to cat if you are facing ups-downs, enemies, litigation. Do not serve cats in your home. However, if it comes on its own then it indicates you will get rid of problems.

Remedy: Husband-wife should avoid fight on Friday. It stays for long time.

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