Black cardamom Health Benefits - Astro Upay

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Black cardamom is used to get rid of Saturn’s effect. Black cardamom contains fat, protein and carbohydrates. It also contains calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc. 

Black cardamom Health Benefits - Astro Upay

Black cardamom
It has antioxidants that prevent us from cancer. It improves the kidney and liver’s function. It cleans the intestines and increases the immune power. Cardamom seeds have more than 100 health nutritional elements.

Black cardamom has beta-carotene which converts in vitamin M after entering in the body. Prepare juice if black cardamom and mix black salt. This mixture is quite beneficial in stomach pain. The mixture of cardamom and honey is useful in hiccup. Use warm black cardamom seeds in fever.

Saturn increases cough and creates breathing problem. If you have such line, as shown on the above figure, then you have to work hard.

Black cardamom is useful to prevent diabetes. Mix half teaspoon black cardamom oil in a cup of milk. Drink this mixture every day as it will increase your physical power. Black cardamom oil eliminates cough and cleans the blood. Mix the oil in coconut oil as it increases the skin glow.

Stress can be reduces by drinking mixture of one teaspoon cardamom oil in tea water. Black cardamom improves the memory. It strengthens the mind and eliminates the bad effects from the body. Mix olive oil in black cardamom oil. Apply this mixture on your face. It will improve the shine and glow of the skin.

Drink one cup of warm water mixing honey and half teaspoon of black cardamom oil. It is extremely beneficial in breathing and cough.

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