2015 Horoscope of Narendra Modi

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Get the horoscope of Narendra modi (prime minister of india), how will be the next year (2015) for narendra modi, will his skills and decisions benefit india? How will be the Sadhesati period for narendra modi? Get the 2015 horoscope of Narendra modi. Read on the horoscope of narendra modi for 2015.

2015 Horoscope of Narendra Modi - How will be the upcoming year for Narendra modi?

Horoscope of Narendra Modi
In the beginning of 2015 year, the Jupiter will give him natural benefit which is transiting from 10th house of narendra modi’s kundli. There will be much more increase in his popularity, followers and much more. He will achieve big marks, will progress india. He will develop more good relation with developed countries (i.e US). But again, as Saturn will transit from moon and mars, he will secretive and aggressive in his work. He will implement new policies in government in upcoming year 2015.


Jupiter’s transit from Leo sign will give more growth, efficient and good governance and good government practice.  Corruption is likely to go down, India will reach to new heights of economical growth by strong and concrete steps. There will be immense growth in agricultural, trade and commerce, business, media, publishing industry, stock market.

During the 2nd half of the year, Rahu will approach the degree of ketu and sun in 12th house, which may cause health and fitness issues., relation with some countries may spoiled during this time. But Saturn transits over modi’s current dasha of moon will bring more transformation in BJP (bhartiya janta party). He may face new challenges in ruling states.

Impact of Sadhesati on Narendra Modi

Sadhesati brings good or bad changes in life, for sure. Prime minister narendra modi will suffer from 3rd sadesati of his life, which cause illness or injury. From March 2015, modi’s sign will be in moon and moon is associated with lagna and sixth house of mars which is not good for him. He may got some injury or illness. But also, he will get some good results in government too. It will be not so good time for him from march 2015 to April 2016 but he will surely bring Achche din.so, achche din aane wale hain.

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