Your Thumb Will Tell Everything - Prediction from Thumb Palmistry

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Thumb is the sign of perfection. Thumb tells you the child’s health, thoughts, mind, position of waist, thyroid, concentration, nature and so on.

Your Thumb Will Tell Everything - Prediction from Thumb Palmistry

Thumb Palmistry
If there is a line in the middle of the thumb then child’s luck would be good. If it becomes broad then he will get success by hard work and struggle. Their life would be good after the age of 24.

If you bend the thumb and it goes backward then your mental strength is not good. If any part of thumb goes outside then you will criticize others too much. If it is normal then you will get prestige. If there is no Moon in thumb then you can do yoga and meditation.

If the image of thumb is like tortoise then you have to take vicinity of idol. You have to listen Satsang. If nail is thin, joint and pink then your mind would be very sharp.

If the upper bone of thumb makes the image of bow then your prestige will increase. Also you will always get support from your friends.

If it is too much outside then you will make friends easily but you cannot maintain their friendship. Your professional relationship will be good but you cannot maintain or does not have personal relationship.

If the thumb of bone is downward then you do not have anyone who is yours. If you do not have three divisions in thumb then you have to make struggle getting love. If these three divisions are similar then your condition will be good and you will get too much. You will get support from your partner. You will definitely get married.

Extra Remedy: If parents have conflicts then child may have stomach and backache problem. Take water from the graveyard and keep it in home at safe place.

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