How to Take Care of your Child's Health - Astrology Tips

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If a child remains more ill or he/she becomes thin then creates tension. It happens due to weak Moon. They may have cough and breathe problems. If child remains ill till the age of 7-8 years or they may have problem in shoulder and stomach then it creates problems.

How to Take Care of your Child's Health - Astrology Tips

Take Care of your Child's Health
Parents must have to take care of those children who have hormonal changes and metabolic issues. You must have to take medical advice about the diet of the child. More diet may create problems.

You must have to wear small ball of silver. Child should donate milk on Monday. Problems also increase if there is new moon or moon is weak or moon is Balarisht yoga. If child has hole in middle of the palm and second part is not upward then his moon is weak.

Child also have problem if he has black spot in middle of the hand. If you are leaving near to the river, pond, canal or sea and child’s corner is downward then also it creates problems.

You must have to drink milk in silver glass. Do not give them milk or water which is kept for a long time in glass.

Keep silver wire under the child’s bed. Feed jaggery to the child except Thursday.

Extra Remedy: If you are vision is not clear and you have problems in your eyes. Also your prestige is decreasing then you may have to serve a older person who has eye problem on Sunday. Your vision, eyes and prestige will increase.

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