Headache - Cause and Cure in Astrology Upay

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Many times headache becomes serious problems. Mars, Moon and Sun are responsible for headache. If they are weak you may have migration problem. If you remain hungry for long time then also you feel headache. This happens due to gas in stomach. There are many reasons for headache such as stress, tension, anxiety and relations.

Headache - Cause and Cure in Astrology Upay

You must have to save yourself from cold. You must have positive thinking. Do not get stress. You must have tried to remain happy. A person who has migraine problem he has to drink water in copper glass. If they go outside drink water frequently.

Do not eat in late night. Do not keep awake late night. Do not eat juicy food. Wear copper ring in thumb. The ring must be open from the middle. Also wear copper bracelet.

You can also get benefit by tying up white cotton thread in your left legs’ middle finger. You can also do massage on your forehead.

Headache also occurs due to hormonal disorder, acute pressure and weak Mars. You must have to wear copper ring in middle finger. Drink water in copper glass in the morning.

Take the root of Punarwa and tie up in white thread. Wear it in your throat on Thursday. You can also wear the root of Sarpokha in white thread in throat on Saturday. Keep water in your mouth for few minutes and take it out. It is called as Vaman.

You can do fast on Tuesday. You must have to eat sweet on that day. You can worship lord Hanuman.

Extra Remedy: If you do not get servant then keep Gangajal at your worship place. You will definitely get benefit.

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